An Overview Of Soil Stabilization

Not all soils are the same, which becomes most obvious when you are about to pave over a section of your property to put in a driveway or patio. If you have what is known as unstable soil, the process will require soil stabilization. Soil Problems Unstable soils have excess pores in them. This means that the soil particles are constantly shifting into these pores, leading to soil movement. Excess pores can also mean excess water holding capacity, which can lead to further problems. [Read More]

How To Choose Sod Type For Your New Lawn

Sod is a homeowner's dream if your goal is an instant green lawn. The key is picking the right type of sod for your area. Local Availability The first thing to consider is what type of sod is available locally. There are two reasons for this. First and foremost, shipping sod long distances puts a lot of stress on the grass. The sod can't be allowed to dry out during travel, so any delays could lead to sod death or major root damage that will prevent the sod from establishing well in your lawn. [Read More]

Why Can't You Give Trees More Nutrition Instead Of Trimming Away Flowers?

A yearly task that fruit-tree owners face is having excess flowers trimmed away. This balances the ratio between available nutrition and water and the flowers left behind, allowing those flowers to turn into larger, healthier fruits. There's only so much nutrition that the tree has access to, and too many flowers makes for too much competition. Removing flowers allows the remaining blooms to get a larger share of the nutritional pie. [Read More]