When To Cut Your Grass

The question of when to mow the grass seems like it should have a straightforward answer. It doesn't. In reality, the answer depends on how fast the grass is growing, what the grass's ideal height is, when you last mowed and what time of day it is. The following information will help you determine the right time to mow your lawn.  Follow the 1/3 Rule The 1/3 Rule states that you should never cut more than 1/3 of your grass at a time. [Read More]

Four Ways To Water Your Lawn And Have Fun Too

You may view watering your lawn as a tedious chore. It does not have to be a chore, nor does it have to be an expensive endeavor either. There are several ways you can control the amount of water your lawn gets and keep the job fun and interesting for the whole family.  Crazy Kiddie Lawn Sprinklers Rather than depending solely upon your typical in-ground lawn sprinklers or running your typical garden sprinkler in one area before moving it to another, try some of the crazy, kooky and fun water sprinklers that are on sale during summer. [Read More]

Landscaping Advice For City-Dwellers: Make The Most Of Your Small Yard

So, you bought a house in the city and the yard is tiny. Don't worry--with the right planning and design choices, small yards can have all the impact of large yards. These tips will help you turn your yard into a beautiful, intimate space, perfect for entertaining and relaxing.  Use Paving Stones to Make Sitting Areas, Pots to Incorporate Greenery In general, homeowners look for two things in their yard: functional space, and greenery. [Read More]

Women's Answer To The Man Cave: The Customizable "She Shed"

First, the idea of a "man cave" swept the country as men created basement retreats and outdoor hideaways for themselves and their friends. Now, women are getting their revenge with the creation of outdoor "she sheds" -- personalized relaxation and recharging centers for themselves and their girlfriends that are integrated right into their yard's hardscaping. Gardening Center The most obvious use of a "she shed" is to create an enjoyable space to work on gardening and outdoor projects. [Read More]