Important Tips For A Beautiful And Healthy Yard Through Hydroseeding

If you want a beautiful and lush yard, but do not want to spend your life savings to get it and have only limited time to get that lawn started, it is time to learn about hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is more sophisticated than hand-seeding and will often provide more predictable results since the distribution is better controlled. Positive results may also be more possible as the result of the complex combination of seeds, fertilizer, mulch and water. [Read More]

4 Landscaping Tips You Didn't Think About

As a homeowner with a yard, keeping the yard nice is highly important, not only for home value and appeal but also to create a nice environment you enjoy being in and entertaining guests in. When it comes to creating the perfect landscape design for your home, you should consider these four tips that many homeowners don't usually think about: Consider the Appeal from Inside:  Many homeowners only look at the landscaping from the front of the home believing that to be the most important. [Read More]

Willow Scab: Identifying And Addressing A Deadly Tree Disease

Willow trees can be tall, flowing and majestic. Unfortunately, they are also susceptible to a disease called willow scab, which can leave them looking a fright in a matter of months. If you own a willow tree, it is essential to be on the lookout for signs of this disease so you can act accordingly if it does appear. What are the signs of willow scab? Willow scab is a fungal infection that often begins in the spring or summer. [Read More]

4 Dog-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Dogs and yards can be a bad mix. You want your dog to be able to run around and enjoy your yard, but you don't want to deal with brown spots all over the yard, or dug up flower patches. Luckily, there are landscaping options that are beautiful to look at while also being more dog-friendly. Here are four ideas to get you started: Consider Clover Lawns More and more homeowners are making the switch from traditional grass to clover for their lawns. [Read More]