Before Installing a Retaining Wall, Remember These Three Things

Installing a retaining wall is no easy feat. Not only is there a lot of time involved with the process, but it can also be quite an investment financially. For this reason, when you install a wall, you want to ensure it's best for your home. Before constructing a retaining wall for your home, here are three important things to remember. Approach DIYs with Caution There is no shortage of tutorials online to assist you with constructing a retaining wall. [Read More]

Why All Businesses Must Pay Attention To Their Landscaping

Store owners put great thought and planning into the layout of their stores and interior decorations. Unfortunately, they often put little to no time into considering how their exterior grounds look. Here's why that's a mistake and why you should make sure your commercial landscaping is pristine. First Impressions Think about how you would feel as a customer driving up to a store with overgrown grass and dingy looking bushes. To begin with, you might think it went out of business a long time ago and keep driving right on by. [Read More]

On Your Own Turf -- A 5 Step Guide To Prepping Your Backyard For A Wedding

Planning to have a wedding in your backyard? It's a great way to save a lot of money and time, while providing a venue that's personal and intimate. But since few backyards are wedding-ready all year long, it's important to spend some time preparing the space. Here is a checklist of 5 easy things to do to get your yard ready to go. Irrigation. If you don't already have a good sprinkler system in place, now is the time to get one. [Read More]

3 Ideas To Help Automate Your Sprinkler System And Improve Water Consumption

With summer droughts becoming more common, restrictions can make it difficult to keep your lawn green. It can also mean that water is a costlier utility, which is why you may want to have a better automated sprinkler system. You may want to consider adding things like timers and controls that collect weather data to improve consumption of your sprinkler system. Here are some ideas that can help automate your sprinkler system and make it more efficient: [Read More]