3 Reasons To Invest In Lawn Cleanup This Summer

During the winter, your lawn can become tattered fast. Decomposing leaves, poor water drainage, and even compression from stored items can destroy grass, leaving you with an unsightly lawn when spring rolls around. However, it's not too late to call for lawn cleanup during the summer months. Here are three reasons to invest in lawn cleanup this summer. 

1. Remove Old Thatch

Over time, dead grass can be pushed down into the root system of your grass, where it gathers as thatch. This organic debris can hold onto moisture, creating mold and mildew problems within the body of your lawn. Some lawns can even experience problems such as necrotic ring, which is a lawn disease that causes large, circular rings of dead grass. 

However, lawn cleanup services can use power rakes to quickly and efficiently bring up thatch and haul it away. In addition to preventing mold and mildew problems, removing thatch also makes it easier for water and fertilizer to make its way down into the roots of the grass, where it can improve the texture and health of your lawn.  

2. Prevent Pest Problems

During lawn cleanup, professionals can also apply pesticide treatments that kill existing bugs and prevent new infestations. These treatments are essential for warding off insects like grubs that could destroy root systems and harm your lawn. Pests like mosquitoes can also nest in marshy soil, so having a preventive pest treatment helps to kill off any pest eggs that could cause problems in the future. 

3. Improve Soil Health

Professional lawn care businesses can also test your lawn's soil to see what it needs to improve the health of your lawn. Whether your grass needs nitrogen or another compound to thrive, taking core samples of your soil and comparing those samples to controls can help them to know what to do to make your yard as beautiful as possible. 

This process is instrumental in helping to improve the strength of your lawn's roots, which can help your grass to be more resistant to pest issues and damaged areas. 

If your yard could use a little tender loving care, don't hesitate to reach out to a landscaping team that offers services like spring lawn cleanup. Ask what their services cover, and what you can do to prepare your yard for work. For instance, you may need to move patio furniture, have your kids pick up children's toys, and open the side gates to allow workers into your space.