Your Lawn Needs Regular Care And Attention To Stay Healthy And Free Of Weeds

A beautiful lawn rarely happens by accident. You have to use good lawn care techniques and well-maintained equipment to keep your grass healthy and free of weeds. If you don't have time to tinker with a mower and other equipment or mow on a set schedule, then hiring a lawn care service might be the best way to a beautiful lawn. Here are some tips for helping you grow healthy grass.

Mow On Schedule

Each type of grass has an ideal height, so the first step is to know the type of grass you have and how low it should be cut. Also, know the maximum height for the grass. To keep your lawn in the ideal range for health and beauty, you may need to mow once a week in the summer when grass grows quickly. It's often difficult to keep up with this schedule, but it pays off in having a more attractive lawn.

Use Sharp Blades

Weeds aren't the only problem you have to worry about with your lawn. There are also bugs and diseases that threaten your grass. Your grass is more vulnerable to these dangers if the grass is shredded by a dull mowing blade. When your blade is sharp, it slices the grass so the ends are smooth and not ragged.

A sharp cut decreases the risk of an infection or infestation, making your grass sick or killing it. That means you'll have fewer brown spots making your lawn look ugly.

Know When To Mulch And Bag

A mulching mower is perfect since it chops the clippings into small enough pieces that they can be used for grass food and to enrich the soil. A mulching mower also makes it easy to clear leaves off the lawn in the fall. Mulching the clippings reduces the risk of thatch buildup or smothering the lawn from clippings that are so long that they don't decompose fast enough.

However, there are times when bagging might be a better option. If weeds have started springing up in your yard, it's best to catch the clippings in a bag rather than blow them back on the lawn or you could spread weed seeds around.

Water Your Lawn Regularly

Water and fertilizer are important aspects of lawn care. Your lawn care service might help with fertilizing or even installing the irrigation system, but if not, you'll want to take responsibility for these jobs so your grass grows thick and strong. Healthy grass crowds out weeds, and if your grass gets weak due to lack of rain, weeds will take advantage and start to spread.

If you don't have an irrigation system and you don't want to install one, then you may need to get an attachment for your hose and water the lawn manually during dry spells.

Speak to lawn care professionals to learn more about different options to help your lawn.