Precautions To Prevent Tree-Related Damage During A Storm Season

A serious storm can uproot trees or break off their branches. Such accidents can cause serious damage to your property or even injuries. If you have trees in your compound, take the following precautions before the storm season begins:

Trim Off Extremely Weak Branches

A tree with a relatively strong trunk and root system can still be damaged by a storm, for example, if it has weak branches. Weak branches of a tree are those that have been infected by a disease, are rotting, have missing bark, or have started to crack at the point where they join the main trunk. Such branches should be trimmed off before the storm season begins to decrease their risk of getting ripped off by the wind.

Remove Weak Trees

It's also advisable to remove trees that are too far gone to be saved. Such trees include those with damaged root systems, rotten trunks and missing barks on the main trunk. Such trees can easily be broken or uprooted by the wind. You should also consider trees that are already leaning and show no signs of recovery.

Secure the Trees You Want To Save

You don't have to remove all trees in your compound to prevent storm damage. If you think that a tree is weak but otherwise healthy, you can secure it to help it override the effects of the storm. For example, you can use flexible cable wires to tie weak branches back to the main trunk.

Prune Trees with Numerous Branches

Any tree with heavy branches and thick foliage should be pruned even if the branches don't seem weak. Thick foliage increases the surface area of the tree that the wind can act on to uproot the tree or break off its branches. Therefore, pruning off such branches makes the tree light and reduces the wind's effect on the tree.

Improve the Root System

Lastly, you should also improve the tree's root system to improve its hold on the soil. Fertilizing the trees, weeding them, and ensuring that they have adequate water are some of the practices that will give them strong and healthy roots. Improving a tree's root system takes time, so this is something you should start doing long before the storm season.

Some of these are things that you can handle as DIY projects, while others require a professional's input. For example, you can water or fertilize the trees on your own. However, pruning branches or removing weak trees can be dangerous if handled by an amateur. Consult a tree service to help you with such tasks.