Why All Businesses Must Pay Attention To Their Landscaping

Store owners put great thought and planning into the layout of their stores and interior decorations. Unfortunately, they often put little to no time into considering how their exterior grounds look. Here's why that's a mistake and why you should make sure your commercial landscaping is pristine.

First Impressions

Think about how you would feel as a customer driving up to a store with overgrown grass and dingy looking bushes. To begin with, you might think it went out of business a long time ago and keep driving right on by.

If you did go inside, you're already thinking of the business as unkept, messy, and lacking attention to detail. That's not a mindset you want your customers in as you're trying to sell them on the quality of your products and services.

Whether you take a minimalistic approach or desire something more artful, be sure that your landscaping creates a professional appearance that matches the image you want your customers to have of you.

Access to Your Business

A flooded parking lot or fallen tree limb can stop sales for hours or even days if customers can't get into your store. In terms of tree limbs, be sure to keep all trees pruned, and have a landscaping expert check your trees for health and pruning needs at least once a year.

Flooding can be due to a number of causes. One of the most common is blocked drains if you don't take care of falling leaves during autumn or when a tree dies.

Flooding also occurs when your landscaping doesn't adequately capture rainwater. Poorly maintained landscaping areas often turn into hard soil, and rain water runs off into your parking lot or sidewalk instead of being absorbed into the ground. Healthy plants with a strong root system keep the ground soft and absorbent.

Small changes, like adjusting the slope of a garden or installing barriers, can also prevent flooding.

Customer Safety

Poorly maintained landscaping can also endanger customer safety and create the risk of you being sued. Rain runoff onto sidewalks or into the parking lot increases the risk of slip and fall accidents. An unhealthy tree limb could fall when a customer or their car is beneath it.

During the winter, you'll also need help promptly removing snow and ice from your parking lot to prevent customer falls or vehicles spinning out of control.

To learn more about commercial landscaping in your town, contact a local landscaping contractor today. Check it out on various websites as well.