3 Ideas To Help Automate Your Sprinkler System And Improve Water Consumption

With summer droughts becoming more common, restrictions can make it difficult to keep your lawn green. It can also mean that water is a costlier utility, which is why you may want to have a better automated sprinkler system. You may want to consider adding things like timers and controls that collect weather data to improve consumption of your sprinkler system. Here are some ideas that can help automate your sprinkler system and make it more efficient:

1. Automation With Timers And Drip Irrigation For Better Watering

Automation can be a great way to improve the water consumption of your sprinklers. Today, there are many types of controllers that can have different features added to them. You may want to consider adding valves on drip irrigation for features like flower beds and plants where sprinklers are not ideal. In addition, these valves can also be connected to sensors that measure the moisture content of soil to ensure it is optimal for the needs of plants you have in your garden.

2. Adding Weather Stations That Can Share Weather Data With Sprinkler Controls

Weather stations are very affordable and can be added to any garden. Today, there are also weather stations that take all sorts of information such as pressure, rainfall totals and humidity. These can be connected to a modern sprinkler controller to give your system the optimal times for watering. In addition, there are even some systems that allow you connect to the Internet to get weather forecasts to help with irrigation needs and automation of your sprinkler system.

3. Integrate Grey And Rain Water Into The Design Of Your Home Irrigation System

Grey water is another feature that you will want to consider for the design of irrigation. This water can be used to water many different areas of your landscaping. Rain water collection is also another great feature that you may want to consider adding to the landscaping irrigation around your home. These features can have tanks that store the water and solar pumps to use to power the irrigation they are connected to. This is a great way to reduce water consumption and keep your lawn green during times of drought.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider to automate your sprinkler system and reduce water consumption. If you are ready to improve your landscaping irrigation, contact a lawn sprinkler installation professional and talk with them about some of these ideas.