3 Tips To Prevent Your Garden From Eroding

When you carefully chose all of the perfect plants and decorations for your garden, you might have never thought about the fact that your garden could wash away. However, many areas are prone to erosion, which can be caused by rainfall, wind, an excessive slope in your property, and other environmental issues. If you are concerned about erosion happening to your garden or if you are already seeing the signs, consider these three tips for preventing it.

1. Put Up Barriers Around Your Garden

Those pretty ornamental logs and concrete decorations aren't just for looks -- they can also be quite handy. Installing this type of lawn decoration around the exterior perimeter of your garden is a great way to help keep everything contained so that your mulch, soil, and other garden components don't just slide away over time. Plus, as an added bonus, these decorative items can also make your garden look even more appealing.

2. Use Plants To Help Prevent Erosion

Did you know that certain plants can also help prevent erosion? Certain plants are great for really digging in their roots and holding the soil in place. They can also help prevent weeds from growing. Consider planting clover, juniper, periwinkle, ivy and other similar plants in the open areas of your garden for added decor and to help keep your soil where it's supposed to be -- in your garden.

3. Use An Erosion Control Service

There are also erosion control services out there that can help with erosion in your garden or all over your lawn. A good erosion control service can bring in new soil, can help with seeding, can focus on dust control and can take other steps to help you restore your garden -- and entire lawn, if necessary -- back to how it looked before erosion might have occurred and can take steps to help prevent it from happening again. Even though this might not be necessary for small gardens with minor erosion control issues, it can be a wonderful option for lawns that are really showing the signs of erosion.

As you can see, you do not have to deal with the erosion that might be happening to your garden. Instead, you can fight back by following these three tips. If you're looking for other options for helping to restore your garden and prevent future erosion, work with an erosion control professional to find out more about your options. Companies like Shore Sox may be able to help.