Important Tips For A Beautiful And Healthy Yard Through Hydroseeding

If you want a beautiful and lush yard, but do not want to spend your life savings to get it and have only limited time to get that lawn started, it is time to learn about hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is more sophisticated than hand-seeding and will often provide more predictable results since the distribution is better controlled. Positive results may also be more possible as the result of the complex combination of seeds, fertilizer, mulch and water. In order to get the most benefit from hydroseeding that unique combination of slurry, it is best to apply the following tips.

Give The Soil The Best Start You Can

It is not unusual for hydroseeding to fail as the result of soil damage or insufficiency that had nothing to do with the seeds themselves. Unless you are sure that the soil is healthy and able to produce new life, it is crucial to prepare the soil to encourage the seeds to take. If the soil was previously used for construction, it will be necessary to help the soil be as healthy as possible.

You should plan to till the soil at least four inches down and the final product should be loose. Tilling the area once or twice is usually sufficient because doing so more than that could damage the soil. It is important to note that damaged soil is not a good medium for producing the expected lawn.

Don't Forget To Fertilize

Although your hydroseeds will already have some fertilizer in its mixture prior to being laid and the soil will also be augmented with fertilizer, you will need to head back again with additional fertilizer about a month after the slurry was spread out. It will be helpful to remember that since hydroseeding is often provided with less-than-ideal soil, adequate fertilizing is frequently key to the success of the project.

That will require an existing knowledge of the shortages in the soil. You can elect to have the soil tested or you can may find that the use of a fertilizer high in vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts will give you the final results you want. Although many people have reported success from supplementing their fertilizer with extra nutrients, scientific or verified results have been limited.

In conclusion, hydroseeding is a proven and effective way of creating a beautiful lawn in a brief period of time for a reasonable cost. When you are planning for your new and luxurious lawn, it is a good idea to be aware of the tips provided above. 

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