4 Landscaping Tips You Didn't Think About

As a homeowner with a yard, keeping the yard nice is highly important, not only for home value and appeal but also to create a nice environment you enjoy being in and entertaining guests in. When it comes to creating the perfect landscape design for your home, you should consider these four tips that many homeowners don't usually think about:

  1. Consider the Appeal from Inside:  Many homeowners only look at the landscaping from the front of the home believing that to be the most important. While this is important for curb appeal, you also want to be sure that the landscaping of your home is attractive from the inside too. If you have large windows, be sure that the view is pleasing. You should also be sure that the view is not blocked by any large trees or plants. If you plan on selling in the future, this will also be important, especially for potential buyers with kids since they will want to be able to see the kids playing outside.
  2. Don't Plant Too Many Flowers: Many homeowners overdo their landscape design by planting too many flowers. If you want to fill a space, consider a rock design or you can even plant flowers that don't require a great deal of maintenance. When you plant too many flowers, it becomes overwhelming to take care of them all. At this point, you may find that the flowers die quickly, which is not appealing for the design of your landscape. 
  3. Choose Colors that are Opposite on the Color Wheel: One of the best ways to pick what colors to work with is to look at a color wheel. Colors that sit opposite from each other are always visually appealing when placed together. When you group flowers together in this way, it is definitely going to make your yard more visually appealing. 
  4. Don't Rake Leaves: You may find that leaves are a nightmare to deal with. However, before you spend your days slaving away raking up leaves that are only going to appear again the next day, you should just leave them. This is because when you leave them on the ground, they help prevent weeds. This is going to save you both time on raking and weeding your lawn. Besides, once fall is over, the leaves will be gone anyway because they disintegrate over time.

When you consider these four landscaping tips, you can have the most beautiful, maintenance-free yard possible. Talk to a company like Design Scapes of Manasota Inc to see what kind of landscape they can create for you.