4 Dog-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Dogs and yards can be a bad mix. You want your dog to be able to run around and enjoy your yard, but you don't want to deal with brown spots all over the yard, or dug up flower patches. Luckily, there are landscaping options that are beautiful to look at while also being more dog-friendly. Here are four ideas to get you started:

Consider Clover Lawns

More and more homeowners are making the switch from traditional grass to clover for their lawns. Clover is a lush rich green color, is easy to maintain, and is eco-friendly because it requires less water than traditional grass. It also happens to be resistant to pet urine, meaning you can let your dog roam the yard freely without worrying about ugly brown spots cropping up everywhere.

Add Wire Cages

Trees, shrubbery, and plants in your garden can all be damaged by your dogs. This is especially true of saplings and seedlings, which are generally more vulnerable than more established greenery. Small mesh or wire cages are a simple way to keep your dog from peeing on or otherwise harming trees or plants.  Cages will protect your plants from other animals, like squirrels, as well. You can even build your own cages from chicken wire.

Add Stone Pathways

If you spend any time with your dog in your yard, you'll quickly notice that dogs like to create paths for themselves. Repetitively walking or running in the same path from your back door to the gate or their favorite tree can quickly wear down and damage your lawn. A good solution is to have a beautiful stone pathway put in. This will not only give your dog a nice pathway to follow, but will also be aesthetically pleasing. If you have kids, they will also love following the new path throughout the yard.

Add a Water Feature

Dogs love to splash around in water, and also need to have drinking water readily available when they play outside. Why not help them out and make your yard much more beautiful at the same time by adding a water feature? Talk to your local landscaping company about your options, since water features can range from simple stone fountains to elaborate man-made ponds.

By working with a landscaping company like Dansons Landscaping Inc to create a dog-friendly yard, you can create a space the whole family will enjoy—four-legged family members included.