Tree Maintenance Jobs That Require The Help Of A Professional Crew

With a careful approach and the right tools, you can often perform a variety of tree maintenance tasks around your property. From trimming small branches to snugly wrapping up new trees in burlap for the winter months, these jobs are easy for any homeowner to handle. There are other times, however, that you really should have a tree service handle the job. These professionals use a combination of the right training and right tools to ensure that they handle your tree-related job safely and successfully. Not sure when to involve an expert? Here are three reasons to involve a tree service.

Trees Adjacent To Power Lines

Cutting down a tree or even trimming some branches when the tree is growing next to some power lines can be extremely dangerous for the amateur to attempt. Branches can break away from your control in a split second, make contact with the power line and cause severe injuries. The crew from a tree service can complete this type of job successfully. By using strong ropes to allow for control of individual branches, as well as a bucket truck to provide close access to the branches that need attention, the crew will be sure to get the job done safely.

Trees Growing Against Your Home

A tree that has grown too close to your home can cause a multitude of problems, including damaging your home's gutters. Trying to trim the tree in those tight surroundings can be challenging and dangerous as there's always a risk that the branch that you cut will fall onto your roof or hit the side of your home on the way down. The crew from a tree service will use its ropes to pull branches away from your home before cutting them, which will allow the branches to fall safely to the ground below.

Trees That Are Rotting Or Dead

It's extremely dangerous to work on dead or rotten trees without the proper expertise. You won't always be able to tell which parts of the tree are dead, which can cause sections of the tree to topple toward the ground in an unexpected direction once you make your cuts. When a tree service crew takes on this job, its members often cut down the tree in sections. This approach allows for the work to be completed in a controlled manner, which will greatly reduce the risk of an injury. For more information or assistance, contact a professional like those at Pioneer Tree & Landscape, Inc.