3 Tips For Planning An Affordable, Usable Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is an ideal way to spend time enjoying your yard and to avoid heating up your home unnecessarily during those long summer days. However, it can be an expensive addition, so it is important to plan ahead for your modifications. You will also find that by maximizing the efficiency and available space, it will be easier to use your outdoor kitchen.

#1-Use Or Expand Your Existing Patio For Your Outdoor Kitchen 

Although it is no longer unusual to see an outdoor kitchen placed farther away from your home, it is less expensive and easier to use an existing patio as its base. By doing so, your installation costs will be reduced and it will be easier to transport items from the kitchen to your home.

However, it is also important to note that the concrete base you already have as your patio may not be sufficient, in its current condition, to support the weight of all the new items. As a result, additional concrete may be needed. That may be provided as either an additional layer or by pouring it around the existing area to spread out the weight of the kitchen items.  

#2-Plan For Exclusively Gas or Electric Appliances

When planning your new kitchen, it is easy to chose an amazing gas grill and the perfect electric stove. Even if your dream appliance is on sale, simply running the necessary energy source to the new kitchen can dramatically increase the total cost. Instead, choose one source of energy for all of the appliances. You will save money initially and if you watch the sales or speak with your contractor, finding good deals on your appliances will not be challenging.

#3-Don't Assume That You Need Stainless Steel Items

There is no doubt that stainless steel provides an obvious layer of protection from the elements that any outdoor kitchen needs. Unfortunately, they also often provide a hefty price tag, and therefore can make outdoor kitchens impossible for many families. Instead, it is a better idea to ask your contractor to use numerous coats of a good weatherproofing agent. Wood or even wood laminate cabinets and seats can be sealed with a commercial sealant and last through many different seasonal changes. Starting with treated lumber is always a good choice, as it provides a more solid base to reinforce.

In conclusion, an outdoor kitchen can allow you to spend more time with your family, enjoying recreational activities in your yard. Simultaneously, you can also reduce the use of your air conditioner inside the home, since the oven and stove will be used less often.