How To Seduce Someone With Your Back Yard

Landscaping isn't always thought of as the most romantic thing in the world. However, your back yard actually has the power to turn a good night into a fantastic one. From what you plant to where you sit, your back yard can help you seduce a new romantic interest or even your spouse of decades! 

Pick a Passionate Perch

Pick a small area of your back yard to serve as your romantic nook for you and your love interest. Corners work well, as do spots right up against a hedge. Get a small bench to put in the center of this area for the two of you to sit on. Be sure to get a bench that is comfortable so that you're prompted go inside the house due to desire and not numb backsides. If you choose a wood or a stone bench, don't hesitate to get a pad (memory foam would be a luxurious choice) to help make the seat more bearable for longer periods of time. A two-person bench emphasizes togetherness because the bench is only for the couple. 

Set Up an Archway

Be it a trellis or an arbor, construct one that will enclose the bench that you've chosen. Passion flower, golden trumpet, and star jasmine are beautiful vine plants that you can use to decorate the archway. Having your bench tucked away under this type of covering offers a feeling of closeness and seclusion. This can be helpful for forgetting about all the troubles you've left behind in the outside world, if only for a couple of hours. 

Plant Lavender 

Lavender is often associated with sleep and relaxation, and that's exactly what you'll be shooting for in your yard. Many people (you included!) find themselves having a hard time getting in the mood because they are nervous when they're on a date with a new person, or they are stressed out from working, raising kids, or running errands. Having lavender available can help calm the mind with a placid, light purple tint to please the eye and a soothing aroma to help relax the body. Try planting it on either side of your bench, inside your trellis or arbor. 

Though it may take a little time and the expertise of great landscaping professionals to set your back yard up in this fashion, it will be well worth it once you're able to add your back yard to your seduction arsenal! Get in touch with a company like Affordable Cuts for landscape advice.