Four Ways To Water Your Lawn And Have Fun Too

You may view watering your lawn as a tedious chore. It does not have to be a chore, nor does it have to be an expensive endeavor either. There are several ways you can control the amount of water your lawn gets and keep the job fun and interesting for the whole family. 

Crazy Kiddie Lawn Sprinklers

Rather than depending solely upon your typical in-ground lawn sprinklers or running your typical garden sprinkler in one area before moving it to another, try some of the crazy, kooky and fun water sprinklers that are on sale during summer. These sprinklers range from the six-foot neon tube hose with several flailing arm extensions to animal or character sprinklers that pop up and spray three-hundred sixty-five degrees every few seconds. Not only will you enjoy watering the lawn more, but your kids (or the neighborhood kids) will get a lot of fun out of it as well.

Squirt Gun Battles

Supersized, water-soaking squirt guns can shoot several yards away and carry a pint of water or more. While you and the kids go crazy blasting each other with these water guns, your lawn is reaping the benefits of all the water that falls on it. If you get a dozen or more people involved, you could easily water most of the lawn in about an hour. The only drawback to this method is that you will not be able to do it several days a week, but it could definitely be a fun alternative for watering your lawn on the weekends.

Water Balloon Fights

The average, hand-sized water balloon can hold at least one cup of water. Some balloons can hold more. A water balloon fight with no less than fifty balloons filled to their max keeps everyone cool on a hot summer's day, and the burst balloons give your lawn quite the drink. Since balloons are even cheaper than water guns or kiddie sprinklers, this is the least expensive method next to rain for watering your lawn.

Water Bucket Wars

When the squirt guns, water balloons and kiddie sprinklers are worn out or just are not providing enough water to your lawn, bring in the buckets. You and your kids can fill everything from sand pails to five quart mop buckets and chase each other around the yard before dousing each other with the buckets. Everybody gets wetter and cooler faster, and your lawn gets really soaked.