Landscaping Advice For City-Dwellers: Make The Most Of Your Small Yard

So, you bought a house in the city and the yard is tiny. Don't worry--with the right planning and design choices, small yards can have all the impact of large yards. These tips will help you turn your yard into a beautiful, intimate space, perfect for entertaining and relaxing. 

Use Paving Stones to Make Sitting Areas, Pots to Incorporate Greenery

In general, homeowners look for two things in their yard: functional space, and greenery. Your functional space will need to have room for features like chairs and a table, maybe a barbecue.  Even if the majority of your backyard--or the entire backyard--ends up being a patio area, you can still use pots to incorporate greenery. Use a variety of pots and pot types to vary the space and give it the lushness you desire. Hanging pots, built-in planters and vertical pots can fill the area and give your mostly paved yard a sense that the space is thriving and growing. 

Obscure the Walls

It's not usual for city properties to be separated by intrusive concrete walls. Use vining plants, lush bushes and tall potted plants to obscure the dimensions of your property walls. Covering the wall entirely will make your yard feel more like an intimate clearing in a forest and less like a small space sandwiched between several other small spaces. 

Avoid Planting Large Trees

Large trees can dwarf small spaces while also shading out a large portion of the garden. If you want to plant trees in your yard, compact fruit trees and dwarf specimens will add variety to the landscape without making the space seem claustrophobic. 

Use Flowers to Make Your Yard More Friendly and Inviting

Emphasize the intimacy of your space by making it more inviting and friendly. Dress up your small yard with a variety of colorful flowers. Fill your garden beds and pots with flowers that bloom throughout the summer. Try to stagger the blooming time so that even as some flowers lose their buds, other flowers are just starting to pop up. 

Create Multiple Focal Points

Distract from the size of the yard by creating multiple focal points. For example, install a feature like a koi pond or water fountain in one area of the yard and juxtapose that with a space for sitting and dining. This will also help to divide the yard into "zones," which can help to obscure its true size. 

Pay Attention to Detail

Assume that your visitors and guests will study every aspect of your small yard closely. They'll be able to view and consider every pot, every tile, each flower and shrub. Paying attention to small details will turn your yard into a rich visual landscape. If your landscape is interesting enough, beautiful enough and well-tended enough, its size won't matter. Amazing things can come in small packages. 

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