Women's Answer To The Man Cave: The Customizable "She Shed"

First, the idea of a "man cave" swept the country as men created basement retreats and outdoor hideaways for themselves and their friends. Now, women are getting their revenge with the creation of outdoor "she sheds" -- personalized relaxation and recharging centers for themselves and their girlfriends that are integrated right into their yard's hardscaping.

Gardening Center

The most obvious use of a "she shed" is to create an enjoyable space to work on gardening and outdoor projects. Construct a large work space on one wall or as an island in the center of the shed, and then line the remaining walls with places to hang tools, shelving and cabinets to hold your supplies. Give it a fun garden theme and lots of natural lighting with big windows. 

Yoga Studio

Get away from it all while exercising or doing yoga for maximum benefit from your workout. This "she shed" requires more space than many, but may be the easiest to construct. Creating a modern yoga studio is as simple as widening the entrance and simplifying the indoor space to create a bright, open area to move and meditate. Decorate it with minimal interior touches that soothe and relax.  

Napping Suite

Fill your "she shed" with comfortable furniture, pillows and blankets, and you have all the makings of a relaxing afternoon retreat away from the kids and work. Add in some shelves for books and a small refrigerator to keep cool drinks. Mood lighting can be created with candles, hanging lanterns, or even a small fire pit outside the door. This shed is perfect for your next girls' night!

Art Studio

If you're a frustrated artist who can't find the time or tranquility to create art, a backyard retreat might be the perfect inspiration. Your shed can be customized to create the right lighting, electrical connections, and space needed for your particular art form. 

Project Space

Crafters, sewers, knitters and other creative women often struggle to find space where they can work in peace and spread out all their supplies. The "she shed" is the perfect solution for both. Add windows for natural light, but be sure to install plenty of electrical connections and powerful lighting for your home projects. Line one wall with a long, multi-use work space and the other with shelving or cabinets for storage.  

There are as many ways to personalize a "she shed" as there are women to use it. Whatever inspires you the most can be turned into a fun, simple getaway from stress and daily life.