4 Affordable Ideas To Give Your Patio A Makeover

If you have an old patio with few features, it may be time to give it a makeover. There are many things that you can do on a budget to revamp your patio and create a relaxing place. You may want to do things like add a privacy screen, planters, an herb garden or sitting area and planters. Here are some affordable patio makeover ideas that will not burn a hole in your pocket:

1. Adding A Small Aquatic Garden To Your Patio

One simple improvement that you can do for your patio is add an aquatic garden. They do not have to be too complicated. What you can do is use affordable EPDM membranes for liner, which you can get from roofing suppliers. Use this to line a hole that you dig, and then get the cheapest gravel you can find to line it with. For the pump, you can get any small solar pump to circulate the water. You can fill the pond with plants and fish one at a time. This can be an ongoing project that you can change and make improvements to, such as adding a small pond skimmer to clean the water.

2. Building A Privacy Fence To Create A Backyard Getaway

Another affordable patio project is adding a privacy fence. This can be done by installed a few posts and screwing lattice to them. You can use planters to grow climbing plants to cover the lattice. If you do not want to use plants on your patio, fence windscreen is a cheap solution that you can attach to the lattice to get more privacy. This can also help to reduce sound pollution in a busy area. If you want more noise cancellation, you can use materials on both sides of the fence to dampen noise better.

3. Adding Plants And Landscaping To Give Your Patio A New Look

Adding plants around your patio can be another great way to add decoration and a new look. You may want to add flowerbeds to the border of your patio. For the flowerbeds, you can use a ground covering material that matches the color of materials used as flooring on your patio. This can be a great way to blend your patio into the natural landscaping around your home. You can even do this with gravel to create paths from your patio to garden areas.

4. Creating An Entertainment Area With Seating, Planters And Fire Pits

A patio can also be a great place for entertainment. You may want to consider adding simple wood benches and planters to your patio. You can also create fire pits to enjoy cool nights. For fire pits, you can get them prefabricated or make your own. To make your own, you can get rolls of copper or metal and line planters with it.  When you do this, you may also want to add spacers between the wood and metal to prevent burning the wood.

These are some things that you can do to make over your patio on a budget. If you need help changing the look of your patio, contact a landscaping company like Precision Lawn & Landscaping Inc to get help giving your garden a new look.