When To Prune Crepe Myrtle Trees And Which Pruning Style To Choose

If you want to take part in the care of your own landscaping and you have never pruned your Crepe Myrtle tree, it can be intimidating to start the process. Though there are two different ways to prune Crepe Myrtles, you can choose which works best for you depending on your landscaping taste. This guide explains when to prune and what the pruning styles are for your Crepe Myrtle trees.

The Time to Prune Your Crepe Myrtle

Prune your Crepe Myrtles any time you would like the shape to change or shift in a different direction. Any season or growth cycle is an appropriate time to prune your tree. However, it may be most helpful to prune when the tree has flowers so you can see where the blooms sit, as this is where you will clip off the limbs with the pruners. This also helps you see what branches are healthy so you can leave them in place.

Crepe Myrtle trees are hearty so it is difficult to damage them, as they will usually recover even after a severe pruning. So don't worry about any damage that may result during your pruning session.

The Crepe Myrtle Pruning Styles

Many homeowners prune their tree in what is called the natural style. This style primarily prunes damaged branches as well as inward growing branches since your focus is to enjoy the blossoms on the outside. Look for broken branches or branches that appear discolored from the rest and remove those as well, as this may be a sign of mold or fungus.

Prune branches that are too close to others to prevent them from rubbing together or growing at awkward angles.

Clip the branches just below the buds. In doing so, you'll encourage new growth and more buds.

If you want to shape your Crepe Myrtle, prune in the formal style. This style focuses on creating a beautiful, uniform outer canopy. To achieve the formal style of pruning, take your desired height and width into consideration and prune off the limbs appropriately. Choose this option if you have multiple Crepe Myrtles and you desire a more cohesive appearance.

While the natural style simply removes dead or damaged branches and the formal style shapes the canopy, both styles remove damaged and low-hanging branches.

Prune your Crepe Myrtles whenever you see damaged limbs or if you want to even out the look of multiple trees. Ask a tree trimming expert, such as those found at Mead Tree & Turf Care Inc, for help if your tree appears sick and you're not sure if pruning will help.