Creating The Flowerbed Of Your Dreams May Not Be As Tough As You Think

Creating the perfect flowerbed can sometimes be a bit challenging. With a bit of planning, achieving the flowerbed of your dreams may be possible though. Use the following guide to learn how to create a flowerbed you will be proud to come home to on a daily basis.

Learn Specifics about Your Yard

The first thing you need to do is choose which types of plants you want to have in your yard. Decide where you want to add plants and how much sunlight that particular part of your yard gets each day. There are some plants that thrive in areas that get direct sunlight all day long and some plants that thrive in shady areas.

Take Measurements of Your Yard

Next, you need to take measurements for where you want flowerbeds to be located. Determine how long the beds are, how wide they are, and how deep they are. This will allow you to know how many edging pavers you need and how much mulch you should buy to cover the area. Mulch is commonly sold in bags, and each bag is designed to cover a specific amount of square feet.

Choose Your Foliage

Head to a garden center and look at the plants that are available. When you look at the plants, there will be a small sign poked into the dirt of each plant or stuck to the front of the pot that they are in. Look for a picture of a sun, if you are looking for plants that you can plant in areas of your yard that get direct sunlight. When you are looking for plants that thrive in the shade, you commonly want to look for a picture of a sun with a line through it or clouds in front of it. It is best to read the labels to ensure you are buying the right plants to suit your needs.

Gather Your Supplies

Before leaving the garden supply store, like Glynn Young's Landscaping & Nursery Center, be sure that you purchase the pavers and mulch you need to give the flowerbeds a finished look. Multiply the width of the flowerbed by the length of the bed to determine how many square feet you need to cover with mulch. Buy two extra bags of mulch for the beds to ensure that you compensate for any errors you may have made when measuring or calculating the amount of mulch you need.

Once you have your supplies and your plants, you will be ready to get started. Plant your plants in the flowerbeds first. Use the pavers to create a border around the edge of the flowerbed and then add the mulch to the area. The pavers will keep the mulch from spilling over into your yard.