Why Landscape Enthusiasts Should Attend A Landscape Design Conference

Whether you are a landscape architecture student, professional from Weiler's Lawn & Landscape, or just a landscape design enthusiast, you will benefit from attending a landscape design conference. In fact, conferences are just one way to get a look at innovative and popular trends in landscape design. There are symposiums, tours, and classes offered to the public year round throughout the United States and the world. Find out what you can learn and experience at any one of these events.

Tours of Gardens

Each year, LABash is held, inviting students and professionals of landscape design to come and enjoy tours, workshops, lectures, and more. This year, in 2015, the conference is being held in San Luis Obispo, California, March 19-21. Among some of the tours they are offering, you can take a Wine and Viticulture tour, where you can tour the vineyard to see the process of wine making from the vine to wine bottling.

You can also tour Leaning Pine Arboretum, a plant community near California Polytechnical University (where the conference is held). See the sprawling vistas of beautifully designed acres of plants, and take a hike in Horse Canyon.

If you are interested in traveling, there is a Flower Show featuring English gardens in Chelsea, England on May 19-25th, 2015. Put on by the Royal Horticulture Society, the Chelsea Flower Show offers tours of Folly Farm, Sissinghurst, and Munstead Wood, to name a few. These lovely gardens are sure to inspire you on your next landscape design project.


Attending a workshop or symposium will enlighten you and teach you all about new and creative ways to look at landscape design. In August, 2015, Asheville, North Carolina, there will be a Speaking of Gardening Symposium, where you can listen to talks and lectures by renowned specialists. This is a chance for you to spark your imagination and learn all sorts of new things pertaining to gardening and landscaping.

The annual landscape design conference (LABASH), also features lectures and workshops lead by successful and knowledgeable speakers. For example, Daniel Martin, director of marketing for Permaloc Corporation, will present a workshop titled Lines, Edges, & Eternity, and speak about the importance of lines and edges in landscape design.

Networking Opportunities

While learning about your passion and touring beautiful gardens and parks, you can also strike up conversations with other gardening and landscaping enthusiasts. The opportunities to make friends who share your interest and fervor for landscape design are boundless. These friendships will be valuable to you your whole life, professionally and personally.

Join an association near you and stay informed on upcoming conferences, events, and lectures so you can make friends and learn all you can about your gardening passion.