Creating A Beautiful Landscape In A Small Backyard

Is your backyard so tiny that you think there's nothing you can do with it besides toss a folding chair on the lawn and add a plastic pot of flowers? You couldn't be more wrong. A lack of space doesn't mean that you have to settle for a boring yard. Your yard can be just as beautiful and functional as larger yards, as long as you choose the proper landscape design. 


Choose plants with compact growth patterns that won't overwhelm your tiny space. Flowering bushes that spread out in the spring will seem to fill your yard. Instead, opt for plants like conifers that can be pruned or dwarf versions of your favorite plant. If you can't resist that hydrangea, just be prepared to trim it often. 

Are you a frustrated farmer who can't find space in a small yard for summer's bounty? Your small yard can fulfill at least some of your farming fantasies. Choose vegetables that don't mind growing close together, such as lettuces, or that will trail up a wall or a fence, like snow peas or cucumber. You also can tuck herbs among your non-edible plants. Just be sure to avoid herbs that spread quickly.  

Use of Space

In a small yard, you can create the illusion of more space if you design your landscape on a diagonal. Create a pathway that runs from your back door to the far corner of your fence, and create flower beds alongside it. This landscape design fools the eye and will make your yard feel much larger. A small yard also gives you the opportunity to think vertically. If you don't have room for all the flower beds you want, create a vertical garden up your home's wall or along your fence. Simply attach a few planters to the wall or fence and you'll make it visually stunning. If you prefer to keep planters on the ground, choose several smaller ones rather than one or two big ones that can quickly overwhelm your space.  

Get Creative

A small yard has no room for clutter and needs creative storage solutions. Create a deck design that includes built-in storage. A little cubby under the deck makes the perfect spot to stack firewood. Another idea is to work with a landscape artist to design built-in seating on your deck with bench storage where you can stash outdoor toys or grill supplies. 

A small backyard doesn't have to end up a sparsely landscaped, dull plot of grass. Get creative and design a backyard you will use and enjoy.