Create A Paver Foundation For Your Garden Shed

A new garden shed doesn't require a complicated poured concrete foundation or pier system. You can create a foundation for a small shed in a day using concrete patio pavers and gravel. It serves just as well as poured concrete, but it doesn't take any specialized skills to install.

#1: Create a Level Base

Your foundation should measure 6 inches wider than your shed base on all sides, so begin by adjusting your base measurements to include this extra area.

Remove the turf and sod from the building site. Once you have cleared the area, mark out the corners of the foundation with stakes. Excavate the soil from the marked area to a 4-inch depth. Once you have excavated the site, use a level to ensure that the foundation is perfectly level and fix any imperfections as you go.

#2: Allow for Drainage

Drainage can cause your foundation to shift, especially in wet or clay soil. A layer of landscape fabric between your base and the soil can help prevent water from percolating into the base materials while still allowing collected moisture on the foundation to drain away.

Lay a sheet of landscape fabric over the ground. Install wooden 1-by-4 boards along the inside edge of the foundation hole. The boards hold the fabric in place while also creating edging to help hold the foundation in place and keep it stable.

#3: Add a Stable Base

You need a stable base to hold the paver foundation in place. Create this by laying a 3-inch layer of crushed stone over the top of the fabric. Level out the stone layer and then tamp it into place with a plate compactor, which you can often rent from a hardware store.

Once the base is tamped and level, prepare it for the pavers. Combine equal parts dry sand and cement mix. Sprinkle a 1-inch layer over the top of the crushed stone. This creates a weak mortar, which will help hold the pavers in places.

#4: Install the Pavers

When laying the pavers on top the base, begin 6 inches in from the corner. Lay the pavers side-by-side, with a 1/4-inch space between them. It's best to level each individual paver as you put it into place. Use a rubber mallet to gently tamp them down into the gravel and to level them. Once the pavers are in place, you can sweep paver sand or the sand and cement mix into the joints to fill them in.

The paver patio foundation is made of concrete, so moisture can seep through the pavers. When constructing or installing the shed, place it on wooden skids on top the foundation, or use a moisture barrier between the paver foundation and the shed floor.

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