How to Properly Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing and mowing your lawn during the growing season is vital for green and healthy healthy lawn. Even if you hire a professional lawn service, you can make your lawn even healthier and save some money if you fertilize your lawn on your own. Here are some easy fertilizing tips if you want lush and healthy lawns to show off.

Apply the Fertilizer

When applying fertilizer to your lawn, the best approach is to spread it on the outer edges of your lawn first, then move forward applying it in straight rows. Applying fertilizer is easy if you have a simple, handheld spreader. You should use a larger wheel spreader if you have a larger lawn, so you don't need to refill so frequently.

Know When to Apply the Fertilizer

The growing season is usually early spring in mild climates and late spring or early summer in cold climates. No matter what fertilizer you use, it is important that you apply it when the grass is actually growing. You will also need to keep your eyes on your lawn for any signs of new growth. Fertilizer you lawn as soon as you notice growth and your lawn will be much healthier.

Understand What Type of Fertilizer to Use

First, you need to decide whether you want a normal or slow release fertilizer. Lawn care enthusiasts and professionals are split on which type of fertilizer is most effective. In the end, the health of your lawn might depend more on the weather and rainfall during each season.

The advantage of slow release fertilizers is that you do not need to apply them as often. A slow release fertilizer needs to be applied to your lawn just once or twice throughout the growing season. On the other hand, a normal release fertilizer needs to be applied to your lawn on a weekly basis during the growing season.

In general, the advantage of normal release is that you can adjust your fertilizing on a weekly basis to accommodate for the growth rate. However, it does require more vigilance and it is more time consuming to fertilize your lawn every week. This is why so many people are drawn to the convenience of slow release fertilizers.

If you take care of your lawn with these simple fertilization tips, you might end up with the greenest and healthiest lawn on the entire block. For more information, contact local experts such as Outdoor Service Inc.