How To Make Your Own Mulch

If you are someone who loves to do things yourself, you probably enjoy the sense of accomplishment you experience when you're done with a project. Gardening gives you the same feeling and even though you enjoy growing your own food, you can take the DIY experience to a completely new level by making your own mulch. This guide explains what you'll need to do to make this a reality.

Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

To make your own mulch, you'll need some basic supplies, so before you start, gather these materials and supplies:

  • old newspapers
  • sugarcane mulch
  • a few bags of bark
  • rake
  • gardening gloves
  • garden hose

Step 2: Remove the Weeds and Rake

Put on the gardening gloves and begin pulling out the weeds around the area you want to mulch by hand. Then rake the dirt around the area to level it out and to loosen any other weeds that you might have missed.

Step 3: Lay Out the Newspaper

Lay down several layers of newspaper. The thicker you can make the pile, the better. Hook up the garden hose to a water spigot and wet the newspaper until completely soaked, but not so wet that water is standing on top of it. The water helps the newspaper connect to the dirt.

Step 4: Spread the Sugarcane Mulch

Spread around the sugarcane mulch all over the top of the newspapers. You only need a couple of layers. Even though sugarcane mulch is mulch, it is not what most people see as actual mulch. It is used mainly to make mulch with, so don't be confused into thinking that you can just put this down and be good to go without the other materials.

Alternative: If you prefer, or if you're limited on funds, you can use straw instead of sugarcane mulch. If you do use straw, make sure there are no seeds in it. Otherwise, you'll have straw growing in the mulch.

Step 5: Apply More Water

Saturate the sugarcane mulch with water from the garden hose. Like you did with the newspaper, make sure that it is saturated, but stop adding water if you see that a puddle or pool of water is forming.

Step 6: Throw Around the Bark

Grab handfuls of bark and toss it around the area. You don't need much of this as you are simply adding color to the mulch that you've created. But do toss the amount you need to get the color that you're going for.

Use your imagination to come up with the exact look when creating your own mulch. Ask your landscaper such as Nakata James Landscaping LLC for other material ideas and check with them to see if they can get you some good deals on the materials you choose. Repeat this process yearly, or as you being to see that the mulch is deteriorating.