How To Prune A Sago Palm

A sago palm is one of the most beautiful palm trees you'll find when designing your landscape. As with any other type of plant or tree, pruning helps it to grow and allows you to control the amount of foliage it has and what shape the tree will have. If this is your first experience with a sago palm, you might think that it is only a matter of cutting off the branches. This guide provides the steps to take to prune your sago palm properly, so that it will grow beautifully season after season.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Begin pruning your sago palms by gathering the following materials:

  • small pruning clippers
  • large pruning shears
  • rake

Step 2: Cover Yourself Up

Sago palms have a pointy trunk and some of the branches can also feature points as well. For this reason, don't go outside to prune your sago palm in a pair of shorts and a tank top. Dress for the occasion by putting on these items:

  • long pants
  • long sleeve shirt
  • gardening gloves
  • goggles or sunglasses
  • tennis shoes or boots

Step 3: Clip Off the Smaller Branches

Use the small clippers to clip off the smaller end branches. Begin from the end of the branch and work your way to the trunk stopping at the point where the clippers can't grip the branches because they thicken up.

Step 4: Cut the Larger Branches

Use the pruning shears to cut the thicker branches at the base of the trunk. As you are pruning away, keep in mind that the more branches you cut off, the more branches your sago palm will grow.

Be careful not to cut into the trunk because you could damage it to the point where disease and pests can find their way inside to cause severe damage to the tree.

Step 5: Rake Up the Leaves and Branches

Use the rake to gather all of the branches and leaves that you removed from your sago palm. Then pick them up with your hand and take them to your compost pile, or place them in your yard-waste disposal container for the sanitation service to pick up the next time they come.

Prune your sago palm during the fall so that there is less chance of damage to the leaves from freezing temperatures. When the spring comes, you'll notice new branches, or growth, and a much fuller and healthier tree. Ask your landscaper for other ideas to care for your sago palm properly. Talk to experts like Desert Gardens Outdoor Services, Inc. for more information.